Legal Matters and Agreements


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The Shawshank Legal Redemption

Andy Dufresne, a young banker, finds himself sentenced to life at Shawshank State Prison for a crime he didn’t commit. His time in prison puts him face to face with the legal system, leading him to understand the importance of contract legality and the elements of a legally binding agreement.

During his incarceration, Andy becomes a valuable resource to his fellow inmates, offering legal advice and guidance on various topics such as the legality of shooting coyotes in California and the legal drinking age in Florida.

As time goes by, Andy’s passion for law and legal matters grows, and he starts educating himself on topics such as email laws in Australia and the importance of having a legal living will to protect one’s wishes in case of unforeseen circumstances.

After years of perseverance, Andy is finally able to secure an internship with the State Department Office of the Legal Advisor, a dream that seemed impossible while he was behind bars.

Upon his release from Shawshank, Andy continues to advocate for formal flexible working agreements and legal aid services for those in need, embodying the spirit of Antoine Lavoisier’s law of conservation of mass by working towards justice and equality for all.


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